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Can you sequel now


Not quite yet, but I'm working on it. When the next playable version goes up that will definitely be in there.

Sweet. Can't wait. Also I think a readme file in the game that explained controls and stuff would be cool.

Love the concept, 100%. The core game loop is hinted at but isn't quite there yet. The game play and the consequences of actions is currently light but headed in a great direction. A slight thing I can say is make the enemy (victim) AI a bit more conducive to game play. I had a counselor walk toward and from a trap for close to a dozen turns. As a designer I'd work in some hidden logic where victims are more likely to walk toward and into traps when they're a set amount of spaces away.

Given the intent of the game I'd also like to see game play actions make changes on the game. This is just my thought in example: like maybe if I keep hiding bodies in trash cans there's some sort of notice that it has become part of my legend and victims start destroying or trapping trash cans.

I am very excited to see more development. Best of luck on your project!

Hey thanks for trying out the prototype. I'm glad you saw what I am trying to do with the game. I'm currently actually working on a lot of the stuff that you have brought up here. 

How do i download this game i want to play it? Its saying not for windows.

Hi Crowski, the download that is available is for windows, I forgot to tag it as such. I have fixed that now though. Thanks for your interest.

Thanks man cant wait to play this looks instresting. Keep up the good work.

How do I start a sequel?

Unfortunately that isn't in the game yet as this version is a very bare bones prototype, though I am working on adding in more to it. Thanks for playing it.

Ok, thanks.

Hi! My partner and I played your game on our new YouTube channel; it has the potential to be something really special with some creative tweaks and additions. We also agree with 'Neco' that the game would be epic in first person, grid based RPG view.

Hey thanks for taking the time to play my game. I am glad you see some potential in it. I know its pretty rough with out sound and a lot of the mechanics are either not in or not working correctly, but I am looking to fix up a lot of that stuff.

I'm interested, when will this be available on windows?

Currently its just this prototype type at the moment which is only available on windows. Though all future versions will stay available on windows. 
Thanks for your interest.

Definitely needs moar. Though my only 'suggestion' is that instead of top-down angle on the area/map? It's maybe like Dungeon Master / Eye of the Beholder with Dungeon Crawler visuals instead :o Now that'd be sick.

Hi, thanks for doing a video on my game, its a bit surreal seeing someone do that. Glad you enjoyed it, makes me think about going back to it and working on it some more. 

It is an original idea to me, to make a game and upload it and not expect anyone to play it? Unsure of your history as a dev or creator though - but :P Well, hope to see more things from you. Would be a shame to lose out on potentially inspiring indie devs who can make things that aren't just FNAF/PT/Slender clones these days - anything different and unique will always get my vote.